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Dennis Blaze got his break on commercial radio in 1997. He was the morning show DJ for Jammin Z90 in San Diego. In 2002, he started producing mixshows for XM radio. He had a hiphop and reggae show on XM Channel 67 The City. At the same time, he was also producing a west coast show on XM Channel 65 The Rhyme called “Backyard Boogie”.

3 years after the inception of iTunes in 2001, Dennis Blaze took advantage of that avenue and started podcasting. His passion for music and its different genres led to a successful podcast which currently services over 12k subscribers worldwide. You can search "Dennis Blaze" in the iTunes store and subscribe to his podcast for free or visit
Aside from playing music, many DJs know of Dennis Blaze for his remixes. His remixes has allowed DJs to elevate their DJ game and set themselves apart. Dennis Blaze has been providing these tools for DJs since his 1st vinyl release in 1999 under Universal records. To this day, Dennis Blaze continues to output clutch tracks that turn dancefloors into packed floors and heats up mixshows worldwide. Dennis Blaze provides remixes to the world’s top digital record pools like DJ City, Remix Hub, Break the Crates, Franchise Record Pool, My MP3 Pool, BPM Supreme, Exclusive Grooves, and Digital DJ Pool.
In 2009, Dennis Blaze expanded his musical horizon and started producing house music. He goes by the alias “Stash House”. The formula is Soulful House + Funk + Disco House=Stash House. Stash House is currently signed under an Argentinian house label called 666 Recordings. You can find his Stash House tracks on Amazon, iTunes, and BeatPort.
You can catch Dennis Blaze on 93.5 KDAY Los Angeles Saturday nights from 10pm to 12mid rocking the turntables and providing quality feel-good music.
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