StreamLine Events Pro has what you need to create a great event. Most individuals and companies don't really expect to have a hard time putting their event together, but it can be a complicated task. We provide many services that can assist you with bringing your event to life!


Coordination and Planning is a difficult task that is far overlooked when putting your event together. There might be elements and task that you are not aware of, or maybe never even thought about.

We are here to help with your event! Our expertise and advice can assist you in creating the welcoming and elegant environment that you are looking for.

Don't allow your event to fall apart due to unforeseen issues, simply allow us to create your event or simply ask for a suggestion and watch your event come to life.




Looking for a Professional Dj/Vj? A good mixer is hard to find, most clients don't have the "Know How" questions to ask.

Rest assure that the Dj/Vj's of StreamLine Events are all Real Turntable Dj's. Our past history with the use of Turntables allows us to add the "Live Performance" your looking for!

We are not here to just push a button on a computer, our job is to give you "The Show" that only a Dj with Turntable experience can give.  Please feel free to ask questions about the difference in Professional Dj/Vj's.


When you go to an event, the look and feel is always the first impression! As your guest start to arrive and look around you can create a serious visual impact that will last the night.

Allowing us to add visual creativity using equipment such as (Up-Lighting, Spot Lighting, Trussing, Projected Images "Gobo's", Video Screens and Monitors) we can add life to your event that will have impact at a glance!

These services are "Add-Ons" to your event, please ask about these services, and how it can impact your event!

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Lets Talk.​